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What The Hack is Going On With Your Public Information?

Best practices for when large companies like Facebook and LinkedIn make breach and privacy headlines

Watch Dan Clarke of Truyo and privacy expert and lawyer Odia Kagan as they discuss business obligations, privacy implications, incident-response best practices, and key definitions related to breaches, scraping, and public information. Learn how these incidents can affect your business's public image, what your consumers' expectations are likely to be following a data incident within your industry, and what you can do to prepare NOW.

In this on-demand webinar we answer these questions: 

  • What is the definition of public information?
  • Are the events around LinkedIn, Facebook, and Clubhouse to be considered a "breach" or something else?
  • What does the EU perspective say about this?
  • What does the US say about this?
  • And what is all the fuss around 'scraping'?
Dan Clarke No Background

DAN CLARKE | President, Truyo

Dan is a former Intel executive with many leadership roles who was pulled into the privacy space after a call from Intel about 5 years ago with GDPR on the horizon. They asked for a platform that could help them comply with the ongoing obligations of GDPR, as a result, Truyo was developed, which is now used by over 70 household name companies and reaches well over a billion users. Dan’s perspective comes from operating the Truyo platform which automates compliance for companies dealing with current and emerging privacy laws and he is now immersed in the space, involved in Arizona, Texas and federal privacy legislation. 

Odia Kagan

ODIA KAGAN | Fox Rothschild

Odia Kagan is Partner and Chair of GDPR Compliance & International Privacy at Fox Rothschild. She combines her in-depth knowledge of privacy and data security regulations and best practices to provide clients with practical advice on how to design and implement their products and services. Odia has assisted more than 200 companies on their path to compliance. She is certified as a Fellow of Information Privacy by the International Association of Privacy Professionals.