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Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act:
What Businesses Need to Know

Just as the dust has settled on CCPA, the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) is making headlines now that it has been signed into law as the next comprehensive data privacy law. While the act resembles the CCPA, there are novel provisions in the CDPA that will have a major impact on business and privacy programs. Truyo and Rutan & Tucker team up to bring you an up-to-date on-demand webinar that breaks-down the CDPA’s requirements, highlights the likely impacts on your business, and presents best practices as you prepare for another round of complex privacy legislation.

Dan Clarke No Background

DAN CLARKE | President, IntraEdge

Dan is a former Intel executive with many leadership roles who was pulled into the privacy space after a call from Intel about 5 years ago with GDPR on the horizon. They asked for a platform that could help them comply with the ongoing obligations of GDPR, as a result, Truyo was developed, which is now used by over 70 household name companies and reaches well over a billion users. Dan’s perspective comes from operating the Truyo platform which automates compliance for companies dealing with current and emerging privacy laws and he is now immersed in the space, involved in Arizona, Texas and federal privacy legislation. 


MICHAEL HELLBUSCH | Partner, Rutan & Tucker

Michael is the founding co-chair of the Orange County Chapter of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). He is certified in U.S. privacy law (CIPP/US) and privacy management (CIPM) from the IAPP. He has presented on several cyber-related topics including data breach reporting requirements, protection of digital assets, student/school privacy rights and obligations, and compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).