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Educational Event:
Self-Certifying for EU-US Data Privacy Framework

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Join Truyo President Dan Clarke and data protection expert Janalyn Schreiber for an overview of the new US-EU Data Privacy Framework, learn why you should self-certify, examine compliance elements, and an analysis of the overlap with other privacy assessments. See a walk-through of the assessment, learn what to expect when enforcement begins, and the potential risks of not self-certifying.



Janalyn Schreiber Headshot

Janalyn Schreiber 

Partner CIPM | CISSP, Data Privacy & Security Advisors

With nearly 25 years of expertise in building actionable data protection programs, Janalyn provides clients with practical strategies to protect the trust of their customers and mitigate financial and legal risks to their organization. She co-founded DPSA to help clients realize business and cost benefits from integrating technology and adaptable workflows into their privacy programs to keep pace with the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.


Dan Clarke No Background

Dan Clarke

President of Products & Solutions, Intraedge & Truyo

Dan is a former Intel executive with many leadership roles who was pulled into the privacy space after a call from Intel about 5 years ago with GDPR on the horizon. Dan’s perspective comes from operating the Truyo platform which automates compliance for companies dealing with current and emerging privacy laws and he is now immersed in the space, involved in Arizona, Texas and federal privacy legislation. 


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