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Overcome enterprise data privacy rights compliance uncertainty with Truyo. Avoid additional operational and budgetary overhead with an automated solution.

Scalable Privacy Rights Management
Achieve CCPA compliance-readiness with an enterprise-built platform. Take the uncertainty out of CCPA requests management with a platform built for the enterprise.

Relieve Operational Overhead
Automate intake, rejections, and reporting across dozens or hundreds of back-end systems from finding and collecting data to deleting and anonymizing records.

Delight and Protect Your Customers
Automatically validate each user’s identity, securely deliver data, and log everything for proof later, all through an intuitive self-serve portal.

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Explore What's Inside

Secure Individual Rights Portal
Offer consumers a self-serve privacy experience
Identity Validation & Security
Automated identity validation with bank-level security
Dashboard & Workflow Management
Easily see and track tasks and deadlines
Data Collection Engine
Automatically search, extract, and present data to users
Data Change Engine
Automatically delete, change or anonymize data across all systems
Consent Management
Let consumers manage consent in the same portal
Reporting & Audit Trail
Automatically log everything with detailed reporting

"The value of the Truyo platform as it pertains to the changing regulatory environment and the importance of privacy within the global landscape cannot be overstated"

"Chris Dieringer, Microsoft US Retail and CPG Industry Practice Leader