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Try Truyo 100% Free, No Commitment

Your free trial of Truyo will show you how we can help with consumer data requests, CCPA and GDPR compliance, and reporting. A when we say free, we mean it!
We will not ask for any sort of payment source to keep you on the hook after the 14 day trial.
With your free trial, you'll get to experience true automation and see how seamlessly our platform handles data requests completely touch-free from a personalized Truyo sandbox, as seen below.
Our AI and pre-built connectors make it easy for you to experience Truyo in action, integrating with your current systems that house consumer data for an immersive trial. But don't worry, we don't access any consumer data, Truyo simply crawls for data fields for requests. 

Here's what you can expect with your free trial:

  • Access to all of Truyo's features for 14 days
  • Connection to a portion of your data with a sample of our pre-built connectors to see how seamlessly requests process
  • See data retrieval, deletion, and Do Not Sell requests in real-time
  • Review our pre-built reports or create your own
  • Explore our consent/preferences module

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