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Consent & Preference Management Made Easy

Provide transparency and build trust with your users by giving them the tools to manage consent. By simply installing some JavaScript code to your website you’ll be set-up to intelligently block third-party cookies and display consent prompts to become compliant with current and emerging data privacy laws while putting the user in control. 

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Schedule a demo to see how you can optimize your compliance with an affordable and easy-to-use platform for consent & preference management.

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All-in-One Tool to Manage Opt-In & Data Consent

Users will have access to a customized page to manage their data/opt-in preferences, which can be passed across all brands, departments, and data sources throughout your organization. 

Product Features & Benefits

Automatic and On-Demand Cookie Scan

Gives you full control over when to scan your site for cookies

Respects 'Do Not Sell My Data' Requests

Automatically opt-out of cookies marked as 'sale of data'

Manage Communication Preferences

Allows users to manage which communications methods they prefer, e.g., newsletters, weekly mailers, subscriptions, and more

Policy Consent

Seamlessly manage versions and make updates to company policies

Customize Content & Messaging

Maintains your brand's integrity and guidelines


Download consent reports which can be used to meet privacy requirements