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Upcoming Webinar:
Tuesday, June 28, 2022
9am PT/12pm ET

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Federal Privacy Legislation: Not Just Wishful Thinking?

featuring Michael Hellbusch of Rutan & Tucker, Jeff Sizemore of Egnyte, and Truyo's Dan Clarke 


rutan and tucker

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Join Dan Clarke of Truyo, Jeff Sizemore of Egnyte, and Michael Hellbusch of Rutan & Tucker for a deep dive analysis of the American Data Privacy & Protection Act including who it applies to, what data is in scope, data minimization requirements, and the likelihood of it being enacted. 


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Jeff Sizemore

Chief Governance Officer, Egnyte

Jeff Sizemore, Chief Governance Officer at Egnyte, is responsible for the strategy and execution of the Egnyte’s Secure and Govern solution. Jeff has an extensive background in data protection, specifically in encryption, key management, data loss prevention, and identity and access management. Jeff has helped define the market by contributing to several start-ups, including PGP (now part of Symantec), Ionic Security, and Port Authority (now ForcePoint DLP).



Michael Hellbusch

Intellectual Property Partner, Rutan & Tucker

Michael Hellbusch excels in several areas of law including cyber law, data security, and privacy issues. He has a broad range of experience both as a transactional lawyer and as a litigator. He focuses his practice on brand and reputation protection for clients in the online atmosphere.



Dan Clarke No Background

Dan Clarke

President of Products & Solutions, Intraedge & Truyo

Dan is a former Intel executive with many leadership roles who was pulled into the privacy space after a call from Intel about 5 years ago with GDPR on the horizon. Dan’s perspective comes from operating the Truyo platform which automates compliance for companies dealing with current and emerging privacy laws and he is now immersed in the space, involved in Arizona, Texas and federal privacy legislation. 


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